About Us

Pizza has become an American favorite, and rightfully so. As a meal by itself or as a delightful snack at any hour, pizza is a delicious, healthy food. We have worked very hard to develop recipes and techniques that are representative of the art of pizza baking at its best.

Every ingredient in the pizza you buy at Pudgie’s is selected for its inherent quality, regardless of the cost. Pudgie’s Good Time Pizzas are custom made - not frozen or pre-cooked - but prepared to order. Pudgie’s Pizzas are made with a fresh, sweet bread dough that is raised three times to assure its smooth texture.

Here at Pudgie’s, we take great pleasure in making your pizza “just the way you like it.”  Whether you come in to order or call on the phone, please tell us how you want your pizza prepared. We’re anxious to please you, your familyand your guests!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee that our food products meet the highest standards and we use only the highest quality ingredients. We take great pride in this tradition and value our reputation. If, for any reason whatsoever, you should ever be displeased, we would be very grateful if you would tell us - the management. We promise to give you our personal attention and complete satisfaction. Please call us anytime.